About Alterra

Alterra is a high octane rock n’ roll cocktail, crafted using only the finest of ingredients from the City of Champions. While the recipe isn’t secret or kept under lock and key, it is unique to Canada’s Northern hinterland. Its effects are often immediate and sonically intoxicating, eliciting supernatural party behaviours in even the most tame and timid of those who imbibe.

The first dose of Alterra was accidentally administered by four hapless lads, unaware of the addictive nature of the mixology they had seemingly stumbled upon. A rock singer and guitarist was introduced to a metalcore bassist, and they thrashed. They sat down for beers with a well known local metal shredder, and they rocked. Tempting fate, a death metal drummer was brought into the fold, and they rolled. Together, alchemical magic shined upon them and Alterra came into existence with their debut single, Runaway Train.

There’s no grunts or growls. There’s no screamo-scripted gang choruses. This is pure rock, focussed on nothing more than the groove of the moment with fists pumping, heads bobbing, drinks spilling, and smiles everywhere.

Make no mistake, this is sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. This is unabashed, high energy party rock. Equal parts Three Doors Down and Buckcherry, Alterra is akin to the bastard child of an accidental pregnancy of a Pantera fan, knocked up Andrew W.K. himself. This is hard rock, with the pure intent of simply having a good time.

An Alterra show isn’t just another gig, it’s a party. The band understands the dynamics of an exciting and memorable show and it doesn’t end when they walk off stage. Each night the band is eager to join their fans in a toast as the fun continues at their merch table, eventually spilling out into the sleezy alleyways of a devilishly fun night. Alterra’s debut full length album On the Prowl is available now!

Join the party! Amateurs welcome!